TW BECKS Security Meeup #8



Beer is beautiful, hacks is amazing, BECKS is gold. BECKS是Beer與Hacks兩個字所組成,BECKS主要目的就是提供一個定期的聚會,讓資訊安全研究者可以分享研究心得並與各領域的專家進行討論,同時我們也會邀請國外的安全研究者參加這個聚會,讓不同領域以及不同區域間的安全研究者可以透過這個聚會做更多的交流。






【主辦單位/ Host】

LINE / GrayLab


【活動地點/ Place】




2021 年 09 月 08 日 (三) 19:00~20:50 (18:30講師測試,19:00開放線上Zoom入場)


【活動時間表/ 流程】

  • 18:30-19:00 Environment test
  • 19:00-19:10 Opening 
  • 19:10-19:50 (EN)Target attack and Incident Response for an online gaming company: From zero to profit - Anthony Lai / VXRL Founder , Alan Ho / VXRL Director
  • 19:50-20:00 Break Time
  • 20:00-20:40 (TW)A Blue Team's Perspective on Active Directory Security - John Jiang / CyCraft Researcher
  • 20:40-20:50 Q&A 


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Session #1:

Target attack and Incident Response for an online gaming company: From zero to profit. - Anthony Lai / VXRL Founder , Alan Ho / VXRL Director

We have dealt with different attacks for an online gaming company, we are responsible for setting a mini-SOC for them. We would like to share some technical and interesting cases  in both attack and incident response perspective with audience. 


Anthony Lai Enjoy malware analysis and penetration test for at least a decade. His hobby is hunting bugs and CTF. He found VXCON and VXRL and spoke in Blackhat USA/Asia, DEFCON, AVTokyo, HITCON and HITB. Anthony is the overseas mentor of Best of the Best (BoB), CFP reviewer of HITB and Blackhat Asia.

Alan Ho is a cyber security detective and penetration tester for years, he is called “System Security Fengshui Master”, he always smells the criminals and deal with insiders and fraud everyday. He is one of the directors in VXRL and VXCON. He spoke in AVTokyo, SANS DFIR and HITCON.


Session #2:

A Blue Team's Perspective on Active Directory Security - John Jiang / CyCraft Researcher

Cybercriminals know the Active Directory better than you, didn’t you know? Not anymore. In this talk, we will discuss how the AD works, how cybercriminals penetrate its defenses so often. From blue team's perspective provide insight on AD defense practices and explain the security boundary in Active Directory architecture, and how to best maintain and further expand your knowledge of both active and emerging threats to your Active Directory.


John Jiang is a researcher of the Research Team of CyCraft. Currently, he focuses on research on Incident Response and Endpoint Security and Active Directory Security.He has presented technical presentations in non-academic technical conferences, such as HITCON, CodeBlue and BlackHat.


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